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August 21, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Directing credit operations for a $350M+ publicly traded company, I have to be skeptical when a prospective card processing vendor states they can improve my situation. So, when Sterling approached me five years ago and illustrated how they could save me a very compelling savings on my card processing fees and save time in the processing function itself for my accounting personnel, I was astounded at how simple they could make the process!

So, doing due diligence by checking their references, then running numerous test transactions, what emerged, was just what they stated; namely; cost savings with their easy to understand "cost-plus" wholesale pricing framework and a virtual processing terminal that is saving my people time and frustration with what used to be repetitive data input and cumbersome report development. In my opinion, Sterling's combination of cost savings, superior virtual terminal technology and very quick and complete customer service make them a great fit at Progress Software.

I would recommend them as a great alternative to a bank referred processing relationship. I encourage you to call me with any questions.


Vincent R. Byrne
Sr. Manager, Credit & Collections

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